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Meet Robert

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

I first met Robert electronically, back in high school. We were both website operators, webmasters(?) of our own personal blogs and became friends. While I was in Seattle, I invited him to come meet me. He drove down from Vancouver, Canada, picking up Craig along the way. Meeting people for the first time is usually a little strange, but Robert was exactly as I had imagined him to be. Charming, polite, reserved, and tall (but not as tall as I was expecting). He didn’t stay in town long due to family commitments (note: charming), so my time to photograph him was limited. I asked him to come out to this porch I spotted earlier. I love the mystery of his expression, and how the light wraps his face.

Meet Craig

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

I met Craig at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor, Maine. However, we were not friends until after he went to university. We’ve kept in touch and a couple years ago he moved to Bellingham, Washington with AmeriCorps. Recently, I went to Seattle to see a piece of mine in a show and visit with a photographer friend, Rafael Soldi. Knowing we would be in close relation to Craig, I invited him to visit while I was in town. He caught a ride from another friend of mine, Robert, who I invited to come visit as well, from Vancouver. I will introduce him another day, once I’m through editing his photo. While the four of us were relaxing in Rafael’s beautiful apartment, Craig sat up to look at the sun setting over the mountains from the window.

New Directions 2011 | Moments of Being

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

With the opening of my new blog, I wish to inform you of an exhibition that I have been curated into. The wall space gallery‘s annual juried show, New Directions will be opening on January 3, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California. Juror David Bram of Fraction Magazine selected the above image to be included in this exhibition. Click here to see all the work in Moments of Being.